Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Nobody knows but me.

Chapter One:

Nobody knows but me.

If I knew now the journey that this one man would lead me to take I would categorically turn around and click clack off in the other direction to my high school boyfriend and relive our trips to McDonald's and KFC in his battered Toyota corolla called Tony. But no.. I stupidly met him ; November 11th 2007 and here I am welcoming in 2013 writing about the bloody man .. the man that ultimately changed my world and who right now is texting me giving me advice on whether my boyfriend of 6 months should have told me he loves me already. Exactly . I know. Welcome to my world.

I know we've all had disastrous relationships and dates (well I sincerely hope we all have) - if we all haven't then I'm well over my quota and would now like to donate the weirdos/ psychos/ stalkers and half wits to your door. Addresses and description on a postcard. The thing is this disastrous relationship played out of several years - it in fact is still playing out , well in my head anyway. The thing is, I cannot imagine my life without him. Have you ever felt so in love that you are happy for that person to be with somebody else because then they are happy? I mean what type of crazy mindset is that?! I'm happy that I'm a desperate, lonely woman who needs to get a wax because you're out enjoying yourself partying and loving life getting on every girl that comes your way. Oh yeah real logical that! Good one.

I hated him when I first met him. I was 18, he was 22 and as I picked him up from his apartment block to go on a "double date" I pulled the car forward as he went to get in. I thought this was funny, he thought I was a child.

" 'Sapnin babe" - First Words. Evisu jeans, trainers, thick gel in hair, blue cotton fake Tommy Hilfiger polo - baffling now how I even continued this date .. especially when he pulled 2 for 1 vouchers out in the first bar we went to. He was a doorman - I had just dropped out of university in Bristol .... how 5 years changes everything.

More tomorrow,

R x